Our History...

Pulaski Public Library over the years


Did you know that our Pulaski Public Library started in 1925 as a lending library in the old Pulaski school’s annex? It was open to the public each school day from 2:20 to 4:00 and also Tuesdays 7:15-9:00 PM. The Pulaski Democrat (Edition 13 from 10/28/25) said the library “…is a model and something every Pulaskian should be proud to see in our village.  It is surrounded with light that makes it cheerful.”

Fast forward to 1962 when a community group met with village officials to present recommendations for a village library in Pulaski and requested $2600 Village Board yearly funding. On April 3, 1962 a resolution established a library with five Trustees at a two room storefront on the Calkins Block on Jefferson Street (later this site was Judy’s House of Beauty and Tips to Toes).  Community members finalized details and this group became known as the Friends of the Library. They solicited donations for equipment and reading materials.  The library opened June1, 1962 with Mrs. Wilma Elder as its first Librarian working twelve and one half hours each week. In December 1962 the Snow Foundation offered the use of a house on Maple Avenue. By June 7, 1963 this offer was accepted with a promise from the village of $3,000 annually for maintenance and other expenses.  Also in that month the Pulaski Public Library became a member of the North Country Library System. By June 1964 the library had moved to the Maple Avenue site which is currently our very own Historical Society site.

How did the Library end up at its current site? In 1974 Mayor Floyd Carpenter formed a committee for building a new facility to house village offices and the library. This mission was accomplished with the dedication of the Snow Memorial Building on May 26, 1976 (with the Library occupying 39% of the building).

Since the move to the Snow Building other innovations occurred. Internet service was initiated in 1996, and the Library was fully automated (books and materials barcoded; checkouts by scanning) by 2001. A 50-year Anniversary Open House was held on April 29, 2012. Over the years Wilma Elmer, Katherine Bailey, Brenda Bennett, Mary Jacobs, Nancy Johnson, and Margaret Weigel have served as Librarians. Dawn Myers was appointed as Pulaski’s new librarian in September 2018. The collection has grown from 19,337 volumes in 1988 to 26,405 in 2005, to 29,000 in 2018.  The annual budget has grown from $2600 in 1962 to $35,568 in 1988 to $76,608 in 2005 to $139,000 in 2018. Today’s staffing consists of two full-time employees and one half-time employees supported by many volunteers. At today’s library there are multiple public-use computers,  wireless internet, public-use copiers, closed-circuit television for sight-impaired, electronic books, books on CD, and DVDs.  The library is the site of Summer Reading programs, weekly children’s story hours, computer classes, stamping classes, a July mega book sale, Lights in the Library during Light Up Pulaski time, and various other programs.

 Amazing what has developed since the 1925 School annex library era!


Librarian for Pulaski Public LIbrary:

Wilma Elmer – June 1962 – March 1978

Catherine Bailey – April 1978 – February 1981

Brenda (Wilson) Bennett – March 1981 – March 1989

Mary Jacobs – May 1989 – July 1992

Nancy Johnson August 1993 – January 1997 (was Library Aide August 1992-August 1993)

Margaret Weigel – January 1997- August 2018

Dawn Myers – September 2018- September 2019

Lauren Rutherford - November 2019 - April 2020

Nikole Ives - July 2020 - Currently