Summer Reading Prizes

Please make sure you have logged in all your minute read since July 1st.  Remember you can estimate and only minutes are required not books.  

Next week we will be handing out prize tickets for the prize bags that are up in the library currently.  

Prize tickets are earned for: registering for the program, each 2 hours of reading completed, and attending programs up to a 20 ticket maximum.     So log your reading times so we can gather that information.  Our goal is to have all the tickets available for you from Thursday, August 15th  - August 21st.  So ask when you are in for your tickets.  

Prizes will be drawn on August 22.  Phone calls to winners will be made that afternoon.  Pick up of prizes needs to be done by August 29th.   

Thank you so much for sharing your summer with us and a few good books!!!